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Daily Cialis: Benefits, Side-Effects And More

Worried about taking your erectile dysfunction (ED) medications just before sex? Want to switch to something that offers a long-lasting effect? Daily Cialis is the best option for you.

Cialis is an approved medication by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is used to treat ED. If you take one tablet daily, it will prepare you for sexual intimacy at any time.  
Let's grasp a basic understanding of daily Cialis along with its benefits and side effects.    

Understanding Daily Cialis

The generic name of daily Cialis is tadalafil which is the same medication as on-demand Cialis. So, why the term "daily Cialis"? It's just a dose lower than daily.
Just like Stendra, Viagra and Levitra, Cialis is a type of drug referred to as a PDE-5 inhibitor. By blocking the effects of PDE5, Cialis helps in dilating the blood vessels responsible for blood supply to the penis. This boosts erection via smooth muscle relaxation, thereby,  increasing blood flow to the penis.
Why is daily Cialis favored by men? It lasts longer in the body and helps men achieve an erection for 24 hours between doses concerning a daily lower dose. Daily Cialis is formulated to be consumed at the same time each day.
This extensive duration of action makes Cialis an excellent option if you would like an easy-to-use, long-lasting medication for the treatment of ED.
Benefits of taking Daily Cialis
If your goal is to initiate sexual activity multiple times a week but unsure when you will be ready for sex, Cialis at a daily lower dose may be a suitable option. Cialis offers numerous benefits such as the convenience of not taking medications before sex and a long duration of action.
If you are concerned about its efficacy, Cialis is the most effective medication as compared to other ED medications.
The prime advantages of daily Cialis usage are:
-More spontaneous sex
-Due to the long half-life of Cialis, it helps men to remain active for a full day if consumed daily. It means you don’t have to take the medication right before sex. You can enjoy unplanned, spontaneous sex with your partner without getting upset about ED.
-Simple dosage

-Adding Cialis to your daily routine is much easier. You can consume it every morning instead of taking it just before sex. This simple once-per-day dosage prepares you for spontaneous sex.
-Improvements in BPH symptoms
-More than 69.9% of men who possess symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) also have ED. Daily Cialis at a low dose is FDA-approved to treat both conditions.
-Enhanced sexual confidence 
-As Cialis works all the time, it helps in boosting confidence among men. This further decreases anxiety before sexual intercourse, thereby, enhancing your sexual desire.

Side effects of Daily Cialis

The side effects of Cialis are generally mild when they occur. Men who consume a lower-dose Cialis daily have milder or fewer side effects than those of higher dosage. The most common side effects are:
-Nasal congestion
-Facial flushing
-Muscle pain
-Back pain
-PDE-5 inhibitors possess serious side effects if amalgamated with certain medications or medical conditions. These include:
-It is a prolonged erection usually lasting for more than 4 hours. A medical emergency is marked if an erection lasts more than 6 hours. Due to continuous erection, blood clot becomes prominent, thereby cutting off oxygen and permanent tissue damage.
-PDE-5 inhibitors broaden blood vessels and decrease blood pressure. If you take regular blood pressure medications or drink more than 5 alcoholic beverages a day, it can trigger a significant drop in blood pressure.
-Vision issues
-Although rare, PDE-5 can stimulate blurry vision concerning an eye condition termed non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION).  

Who should avoid Daily Cialis

Always consult your healthcare provider before taking daily Cialis. This is because some underlying health conditions may interfere with PDE-5 inhibitors.

If you have the following, you should avoid taking Cialis:
-High or low blood pressure
-A history of heart issues such as heart attack, stroke, and others
-A history of stomach ulcer
-Binge drinking
-The use of alpha-blockers, nitrites, and others

Final words
Using daily Cialis offers both benefits and drawbacks. Besides easy-to-use and spontaneous sex, Cialis can present multiple side effects such as headaches, nausea, and some other serious illnesses. Not sure where to buy Cialis? Contact Domestic Supply to get your order. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding Cialis!