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Parabolan and Trens

Parabolan, is it safe or harmful?

What is Parabolan?

Parabolan is a powerful steroid, the characteristic feature of which is the lack of aromatization. The basis of the drug is trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Initially, the remedy was used in animal husbandry. It was given to cattle in order to increase weight and increase appetite.

Ether trenbolona, after its introduction into the muscles, provides a gradual intake of active substance in the blood. Parabolan has a pronounced anabolic effect, but if it’s used incorrectly, it causes rather strong side effects.

What effect does Parabolan have?

The use of this steroid is facilitated by:

  • rapid increase in muscle mass, accounting for one course up to ten kilograms;
  • increase the strength of the athlete;
  • increased production of growth hormone;
  • activation of the fat burning process;
  • a sharp increase in sexual desire, rapidly reducing after the cancellation of the course, in case person doesn’t take Gonadotropin and Clomid together;
  • double increase in insulin-like growth factor.

Temptol is a derivative of testosterone, but, unlike it, a drug based on this active substance has a tendency to androgen receptors five times stronger. This explains the high anabolic activity.

A similar ability to increase strength and muscle mass has only single steroids. The spread of Parabolan was greatly influenced by the fact that the effect of aromatase does not turn it into estrogens. Consequently, steroid reception is not accompanied by fluid retention, and the probability of gynecomastia development is reduced to zero.

How to Take Parabolan 100?

The course of Parabolana Depot should not exceed six weeks, if it does not include gonadotropin.  Taking into account the expressed ability of trenbolone to inhibit the secretion of the body's own testosterone, it is advisable to use gonadotropin from the second week of the course to its end, in dosages ranging from 500 to 1000 IU once a week . Post-course therapy lasts for two weeks after the drug is discontinued. As for dosages of Mrimobolan, it is recommended to use from 100 to 300 milligrams of the drug per week to increase muscle mass. You can divide the weekly dose into two injections.

How to take Parabolan 100 with other drugs?

Although the solo itself will give a tangible increase in mass and strength, combinations with oxandrolone, vinstrol, stanozolol, methandienone, primrose, bolderone, oxymetholone and esters of testosterone are used to further enhance the effect. Parabolan is compatible with almost any anabolic steroids (the combination is selected from the consideration of specific goals). At the end of the course, no antiestrogens are needed.

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There are also another form of this drug - parabolan tablets, which is quite effective, as well.

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