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Beligas Dbol 50mg 50tabs - Pro Dynabol

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Dosage 50mg/tab
Total amount 50tabs
Component Methandienone


Product Overview

Pro Dynabol 50mg is an oral steroid which boosts protein metabolism. Methandienone, a testosterone derivative, has powerful anabolic and androgenic characteristics. It enhances protein synthesis and metabolism. This effect creates a positive nitrogen balance, which supports protein and muscle growth. Additionally, Methandienone boosts mood.

How does it work

Pro Dynabol, from the moment of its creation, was designed to improve athletic performance (although it was claimed to have therapeutic ability). Most users gain weight and strength.

Pro Dynabol is a weak Androgen Receptor binder, so most of its effects are likely non-receptor-mediated. The Beligas Pro Dynabol has low aromatase activity. The side effects of these steroids for sale are not androgen receptor dependent, so users need not worry about a sudden drop in natural testosterone production.

Proper Use and Dosage

As little as 10 mg of Pro Dynabol is enough for full androgen replacement in a man. This dose increased androgen anabolic activity by 5 times and reduced natural cortisol activity by 50-70%. Many athletes take 50-100 mg daily. Over 50mg dianabol/day, the benefits may diminish.

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