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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please ready before using website

-  All our products are intended for laboratory research use only. If the purchase of any listed item is completed, the customer thus acknowledges all the risks involved with consumption or distribution of the purchased products. The chemicals are NOT intended for use as food additives, medications, cosmetics, household chemicals or for other inappropriate use.

- Under no circumstances should any of these materials be used for recreational purposes or consumed by human. 

- Purchaser guarantees to obey all the local Drug Agency laws and is familiar with local country Ministry of Health regulations, including the obligatory prescriptions necessary for the import of  pharmaceuticals.

- Any materials posted on does not constitute a licensed and can not be used in violation of any patent. All goods should only be handled by qualified and properly trained personnel.

-  are not liable for any damages that may be caused by negligence, abuse, or any other contingency. 

- Your minimum age should be 21.

- The payment for our products confirms the customer’s acknowledgement of all the risks associated with their use. Customer guarantees that he/ she is fully aware and knowledgeable (on their own responsibility) about the health and safety risks associated with the (mis) handling of the purchased goods; knows the rules of the industrial hygiene necessary for his/ her own protection; and is aware of all government regulations regarding the use of and exposure to such products. 

- We reserve the right to limit sales or decline the purchase of products should we be contacted by an unqualified customer. act under all rules and regulations. Besides, we take all measures of precaution to abide by the strict laws on the trade/distribution of the prescribed medications. 

- We acknowledge that each country has its own laws and provisions concerning prescription medications, and what is sold freely in one country requires prescription in another. Therefore, we set the rules and regulations equal for one and for all, and the placement of your order for prescription medications, fully testifies your acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms regarding the sale/ purchase of any prescription medicine.

- Any sale of the prescription medication(s) is done only with the provision of the confirmation that you will send us a scanned copy of your valid prescription(s) and this prescription should be approved by our qualified staff.

- The prescription you provide must contain definite dosage and duration of treatment, so we could calculate the exact amount of medications sold to you. 

- The drug information provided on our website is solely informative and we do not, in any case, hold diagnostics, provide you with diagnosis, give any treatment, or propose any medical advice. 

- We can’t be held liable for any adverse effects or harm should you rely solely on the information provided by our Website.

- We require confirmation that the User/ Customer is entirely aware of all the side effects, interactions of medications, maltreatment of dosage and timing. 

- Never should any medication purchased on our website be taken without the professional advice from your physician. We strongly urge you to consult doctor before purchasing or consuming any medications.