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New Promo for Beligas and Pharmacom Warehouse

03/27/2023 (118 viewed)

Dear members, we are happy to announce new promo ! any source have ever made this type of promo, so I am sure you will like it! When you order from our Pharmacom labs and Beligas warehouse any injectable products we will add 5 free syringes with gauges (3cc Syringe with 23 gauge) 
We started to accept Zelle Payments !

03/15/2023 (242 viewed)

Dear clients,  we are happy to announce that we started to accept Zelle payments! It is available for registered clients who made at least one order before! minimum for Zelle payment is 100$ and additinal 5% fee will be added to your total. 
Ultima and Nakon Warehouse Holidays

01/31/2023 (294 viewed)

Dear clients, sorry, but now we have  holidays for Ultima and Nakon warehouse from 1-6 February. Orders will be shipped only starting 6-7 February
Pharmacom Labs is back

01/18/2023 (289 viewed)

Dear clients, we are happy to announce that some Pharmacom Labs products  are in stock! Few words abot Pharmacom Labs Pharmacom Labs was founded in 2006 as a small laboratory with an inventory dedicated to only four products. Within the f
Ultima Pharmaceuticals PROMO!

01/03/2023 (561 viewed) Ultima Pharmaceuticals PROMO! Whole line Buy 3 get 1 free! Buy 6 get 2 free! Buy 9 get 3 Free!   HGH, HCG, Peptides don't take part in promo! PROMO for posting TD photos and Tests!

09/14/2022 (308 viewed)

We are glad to start our new promo! We will provide 100$ store credit for every TD photos posted on any trusted board ! We will provide 100$ store credit for posting your blood tests on any trusted board! each member can post both and receive 200$ total store credit! Store credit ca
Best Steroids by Ultima Pharmaceuticals: Know What to Buy and Why

08/19/2022 (181 viewed)

Summary: Been hearing a lot about the steroids manufactured by Ultima Pharmaceuticals? Let’s check out this article now!   If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must be familiar with oral and injectable steroids. And you must also be acquainted with the name – Ultima Pharmaceut
New SP Laboratory Website!

10/17/2020 (591 viewed)

Please use new SP Laboratory Website to check codes - old domain name was stolen!
Shree Venkatesh sucks again

02/21/2016 (771 viewed)

New HPLC tests show us that almost all Shree Venkatesh products are very underdosed... Dear clients, be very careful!
Shree Venkatesh - now we don't sell this shit

01/12/2016 (537 viewed)

Our friends made lab tests of Shree Venkatesh Testop 100 and found out that it is almost empty! That's why we stop selling this shit brand !