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SCAM ALERT! The scam imitation of the official website - and

The scam imitation of the official website - and

Hello everyone! Attention please!

Many of our customers have already encountered a copy of our official Pharmacom Labs website! and is in no way related to our company.

This site is a completely plagiarized site in a low-quality extension, made to collect and use the original verification codes to make the most plausible fakes! When you enter a verification code on the site, it will show you information about the presence of a fake, but that information is false – the only link for the original verification is If you are unable to reach our original, you should try cleaning and updating your browser or trying with another device. Also when ordering on these sites you run the risk of being scammed and not getting any product, and also if you do get something - it will not be the original products and you run the risk of infection and contamination from the use of fakes. The domain of our original site has never changed and remains the same. You can also find its placement on the product packaging. Watch out!

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