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trevor coerper - 09/28/2023
Just made my 3rd order and once again the communication was great, order processing and shipping was super-fast, and overall experience was top notch! I will never order from anyone else, you will not find better customer service out there!
Warren - 09/24/2023
Great product, lighting fast shipping will be another order in the future.
jason beedy - 09/22/2023
Wow ordered on the 19th got my shit on the 22nd ds you’re killing it keep it up
jason beedy - 09/20/2023
I’m very impressed with ds 3-7 days in my hand from the day I order and it’s legit pharma quality gear I was skeptical on my first order and had products tested but it was the real deal which is always a relief you put things into your body you want to make sure it’s not junk you guys are great you have won customer over for life!!!
Karl C - 09/07/2023
Great service, very fast shipping, legit gear! DS is top quality, customer for life.
Dylan Alexander - 09/06/2023
When I tell you that DS and my bro Greg should be the test these other websites copy from I'm not in the least joking.. I have already made 3 orders in not even two months an the longest wait was 5days! U gentleman are a force to be reckoned with! D. S. Is G2G
Kristofer Aldridge - 08/27/2023
Beligas Cypo-Testosterone ( Testosterone Cypionate) 200mg/ml I'm more then happy with product. Everything was legit received within 3-4 days. I can't say enough about domestic-supply very professional and will respond quickly to any questions you may have. I've only had it for over a week n half and feeling great. Will get labs done asap and post more updates. Thanks again
Jeff Barker - 08/24/2023
I'm one of the most skeptical people.youll ever meet.. I'm writing this for the guy that's just like myself..Ok so I got order in 4 days sent repeated email's and every single email was answered back. DS is the Real Deal..Just gained a loyal new customer...
[email protected] - 07/29/2023
Domestic Supply has been my main source for the last 4-5 years . Never had a problem with them always got my gear fast right to my door .
Kevin - 07/29/2023
Absolutely fantastic customer service! Delivery was quick! Only been using the product 3 weeks but can see a difference, I will be placing another order soon! Thanks DS!
Aaron Scott - 07/26/2023
Feeling great again for the first time in a while. DS saved my life. Thank you
Thomas - 07/07/2023
Domestic supply is A+ I'm gonna be using them for my number 1 resource I never ben so happy and satisfied the shipping and customer service is amazing my other resources it would take a month to get here sometimes even siezed and they would have to ship it out again and if i mist i order for pick up you had to get it at the post office witch was scary with Domestic supply my order got here in 2 days waiting for me in my mail box I was blown away the customer service is top notch when I had questions they answered that day my other resource would take days to get back to you with Domestic supply you caint go wrong I will definitely recommend anyone to this site thank you so much Greg.
Thomas - 07/07/2023
Hands down most legit site I ever bought from domestic supply gets it done I use to have to wait a month for my order from other sites this order came in 2 days I never ben so happy and satisfied I will be ordering here rest my life lol I'm so excited for future cycles I wonna run I was just blown away how fast shipping got here and customer service is amazing thanks so much Greg.
Korbin Reasor - 07/06/2023
Package delivered in 3 days. Great service. Will be back.
Casey Crownover - 06/30/2023
Customer service is excellent
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