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Ethan tren - 04/04/2024
It was great I was actually nervous about if I was gonna get ripped off but I did not I ordered clen anavar tren test and anadrol and I took the clen definitely was real I lost 4 pounds overnight the first night and I am looking more vascular and the anadrol so real cuz I get a little nauseous and I get crazy pumps and fullness and vascular when I take it preworkout we will see if the tren and test is real as time goes on I def feel more agitated and hornier so something is working thank you DS
Zac - 04/02/2024
Love ds, very professional, extremely fast shipping and top notch gear, pharma grade I was skeptical with payment, but will be my go to from now on. Order Saturday get it monday
Andrew Olson - 04/01/2024
Amazing service. I ordered products from Beligas, and they are the real thing. Customer service was quick as well, with a response time of a couple of hours. Also, shipping was amazing, products came within three days of ordering.
Michael D - 03/14/2024
Fantastic, clean, and effective products. I was on TRT using USA prescription grade cypionate and I can’t afford it anymore. I then switched to Beligas products and there’s no difference which says a lot. I’ve used other brands and they aren’t close. I highly recommend. FYI- using 1cc Cyp per week and I’ve gone from 13% body fat to 9% along with an increase in sex drive “no need for cialis..etc”, & increase in energy. I can’t say enough about Domestic Supply , I’m very grateful as I truly need TRT! I will order again and again
ARIEL GUERRERO - 03/06/2024
Not gonna lie I was a bit sketched out at first because it was my first time ordering but that pharmacom labs anavar was super legit and the code checked out on their REAL site. 100% good to go.
Kale u - 02/21/2024
I’ve received multiple orders from domestic supply and it always ships within a couple days and I get tracking. Arrives on time always. I get quality sealed and verifiable via the manufacturer products every time.
Tommy - 02/16/2024
Always comes through with high grade products. Extremely fast and low key shipping. Done about 7 orders and everything always arrives flawless. I'm a customer for life!
Kyle Ogden - 02/11/2024
The product I bought was great the customer service was the best fast delivery and a quality product I will definitely be buying here again
Jason oliver - 02/08/2024
I'm so glad I went here first, I got blood work & test levels were in the gutter. The MD & pharmacy kept jerking me around, so I went here- f**k that Dr, this place is great!!? Fast shipping & good quality!!!
Robert H. - 01/31/2024
Unbelievable! Great gear and excellent customer service with speedy delivery!
J.C. - 01/20/2024
Domestic supply is THE most reliable source. Everything has been great, def the best customer service hands down they answer you that day and will always point you in the right direction. Products get to you very fast with tracking, all products are legit. Im very thankful for domestic supply for sure
Nate Burris - 01/08/2024
Best company I have ever had the pleasure of using and understanding minor error on my address, they will be the only online source I use for many reasons. Even better then steriodify. Just saying
Michael - 12/30/2023
Placed 2 orders so,,shipping took 3 days,,had a small issue with one vial emailed a pic of it they replaced it immediately with no cost.. Customer Service was on point always replied to my emails, sometimes the same day.. bought a round test kit not sure how accurate they are but I tested my Sustanon that I purchased from them and both test where positive . So no complaints top-notch service.
WILLIAM HARPER - 12/23/2023
That was awsome only 4 days from time I payed to my door first class place first time order there and will every time for now on I will let you know how goes with it in few weeks
Keith Ripa - 12/13/2023
These guys are legitimately the best supplier available. I’ve used multiple different sites over the years, averaging a month or more for delivery at times, but when I place an order here, it arrives in 2-3 days! And the quality is always the absolute best, no exception. Customer service is amazing and they reply to your emails fast and make the entire process easy and enjoyable. If you’re reading through reviews to make a decision, take it from here and believe me when I say, you will simply not find a better supplier!
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