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Component GW1516

Gene doping GW1516

This is a new drug not only for domestic but also for the world market. Its properties are not fully understood, and therefore there is a lot of information about the action. On the other hand, many end-effects of the cycle (improvement after the cycle), in fact, confirmed by the application practice, so that they, in contrast to the mechanism of action, no doubt.

GW1516 structurally is an organic compound. It is known that the development was tested as a medicine against cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and other related disorders. You can also find information on the fact that the appearance of the drug involved in the military, ostensibly for the development of a military soldier, but without documented proofs.

Currently, 1516 GW gene doping actively promoted in sports practice as a mean to increase power performance, endurance, speed up metabolism, increase stress resistance.


What effect does GW1516 with correct use:

Enhances endurance and strength indicators;

It stimulates the central nervous and cardiovascular systems;

Improves contractility of muscle fibers;

It increases the body's resistance to adverse effects (stress, high temperature, humidity, etc.);

It helps to speed up metabolism and getting rid of excess body fat.

Reviews of GW1516 on the network, despite the novelty and poorly understood substances, mostly laudatory. Athletes noted that prior to use the results were much lower than after. This is particularly evident in relation to the major nat. indicators (strength, endurance, performance, speed).

Does GW 1516 have any side effects? According to the medical reports the drug can lead to disturbances of the heart or nervous system, in particular, the complaints can be found regarding raised blood pressure. It is expected that the drug will be used only completely healthy athletes. If it was noticed manifestation of side effects, then the dosage should be reduced or even aborting the cycle.

Local reactions at the injection site, usually not observed, but there may be exceptions, especially inappropriate preparation or storage solution. In general, redness and discomfort in the area of ​​the injection site usually quickly disappear.

Storage conditions for GW1516: dry, undiluted product should be stored out of reach moisture, sunlight and high temperatures; after diluting the solution should be kept in the refrigerator compartment, without freezing (35-46 F).

How to take GW1516?

It is important to understand that although this drug belongs to a new category of gene doping, however, fully exerts its effect only during the training process. If insufficient physical exertion or even their absence some improvements, of course, can occur, but is clearly not optimal.

In other cases, when an athlete trains and feeds suitable desired results, the use of GW1516 provides a full range of improvements (from increased power performance and endurance of the body to adapt to extreme loads). At the same time it's great for both women and men in sport.

How to take GW1515? Recommended dosage in the vicinity of 20-50 (100) mg per day. Higher doses of the drug, according to the existing practice does not lead to a considerable intensification of the effect, but the risk of side effects may increase. The duration of the cycle should be selected individually according to the level of training of the athlete and the purported objectives. Upon completion of the cycle, it is desirable to take a break to allow the body to "recover."

Anticipated performance of subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. For the dilution of the drug in dry form can be used bacteriostatic water. This fluid has a number of advantages over similar products (anti-bacterial properties, the extension of storage solutions), so it is often chosen by athletes for the preparation of liquid formulations. 

GW1516 is possible not only in solo cycles, but also in combination with other pharmacology, relevant in the sport. Despite the fact that there is some evidence pointing to the good compatibility of the drug with a variety of anabolic and androgenic steroids, peptides and hormones, such cycles should be conducted at your own risk. 

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