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HGH Injections

Hgh hormone injections

What are HGH injections?

Hgh is a very influential protein hormone. It’s a compound produced both naturally by the body and also in synthetic form. Women naturally produce more HGH than men.

Reasons of using synthetic hgh injections

The main purpose of synthetic hgh is for use in clinical situations such as:

  • Human growth hormone deficiency (adults and children)
  • HIV/Aids – muscle wasting
  • Renal failure

It’s becoming increasingly popular amongst women for improving athletic performance and total body composition.

Special Symptoms and Threats From Low Growth Hormone in Women

  • When women become low in hGH, they are usually at an age when their other hormones are getting too low as well. Low hGH in women causes the second layer of fat to thicken and that is not good for the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.
  • After menopause, it has been well documented that women are at a higher rate for both heart attacks and stroke. One of the reasons why is low hGH. HGH is highly protective of the heart and brain when it’s been optimized to more youthful levels by the addition of hGH therapy.
  • When women have low hGH, there is a decline in L-Dopamine.
  • Low GH in women means they are subject to early bone loss as it is GH that creates new bone cells. Osteoporosis is a terrible burden. It is very painful and once it starts, the only thing that can change its course fully is to restore GH levels back to a more youthful level.

Some of the other benefits of HGH injections for women include:

  • Feeling better about the way you look due to the following reasons:
  • Your hair looks better;
  • A smoother, tighter texture of skin;
  • You burn fat quickly;
  • better muscle tone and definition.

Better mental and emotional state:

  • Longer periods of concentration
  • Easier processing of information
  • Quicker memory recall
  • Reduced feelings of depression
  • More stable mood

How to use injectable hgh

HGH injections for females: how to use them? Except for the few brands that deliver HGH already in liquid form, most brands supply the hormone as dry powder to be reconstituted with diluent. Instructions for reconstituting and administering the drug may vary from brand to brand, so make sure you carefully study the instruction provided with your medication and follow it. Also, be sure to follow the prescribed dosage precisely. It is recommended to administer HGH injections subcutaneously in the upper thigh, the area around your navel, or the back of your upper arm.

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