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Sustaton, its forms, benefits and side effects

What is Sustaton 250?

Sustation (Sust) ais an anabolic steroid, which has a composite preparation, since it is presented as a mixture of four esters of testosterone: propionate, phenylpropionate, isocapro- nate, decanoate. Sust is considered one of the most popular and claimed steroids in bodybuilding.

Athletes have been practicing it for more than a decade. In the 80's and 90's, the sust  is quite popular. This is a very well-studied steroid, so there are enough information about its use, combination with other steroids, pills, etc.

Sustanon (also known as Sustauretard, Sustamed, Tetrasterone, Sustager, Sustager) is a mixture of various testosterone esters, first developed and released by Organon as a hormonal replacement therapy with insufficient secretion of endogenous testosterone. Now practically all mixtures of testosterone esters are equated with Sustanon, for example, the most popular analogue is Omnadren 250. A large number of drugs are manufactured in clandestine fashion.

Sustanon includes 4 forms of testosterone:

  • 30mg Testosterone propionate;
  • 60mg Testosterone phenylpropionate;
  • 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate;
  • 100mg Testosterone Decanoate;
  • Oil (more often peanut oil) as a solvent;
  • Benzyl alcohol - as a preservative and antiseptic.

Sustanon 250 is 100% fake in vials and has nothing to do with the original Sustanon 250 (testosterone can only be stored in a glass container, the use of rubber caps is strictly forbidden).

Sustanon cycle

If you compare the testosterone and enanthate, then the course of sustanon (in the same dosages), perhaps, will be a bit "heavier".

Usually the course of a solo Sust lasts about 6-8 weeks. Injections are performed once a week intramuscularly, a dosage of 250-1000 mg (250-500 mg is enough for most often athletes).

From the second week of the course, it is advisable to start using aromatase inhibitors (eg: Anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day). This is how you will avoid the side effect of the drug (they should be used until the end of the course). Note: the end of the course is not the time of the last injection, but the time when the drug ceases to function effectively. In this case, the end of the course occurs 1-2 weeks after the last injection.

The joint is sust combined with almost all other steroids. To achieve the maximum effect of the course, you must stick proper nutrition, good and a lot of sleep, constant workouts. It is also desirable to include geyner, vitamin-mineral complex, amino acids, BCAA, glutamine, creatine, etc in your diet protein,.

Many advise sustanon (in small doses) for the first course. However, do not forget that the sust is a "heavy" steroid that exposes strong androgenic and anabolic effects, even in small dosages. It is recommended to practice sustanon, having a small experience of the "chemist", after passing side effects of a couple of more simple courses.

Side Effects of Sustanon

Sustanon does not differ from other forms of testosterone, and therefore it also exhibits estrogenic activity. Perhaps usisage of this steroid can lead to:

  • the development of edema;
  • gynecomastia;
  • suppression of your own hormonal background;
  • excessive accumulation of fat.

Such reactions are eliminated by the timely administration of antiestrogens, best of all - aromatase inhibitors. As for Tamoxifen and other selective estrogen receptor modulators, they are used only in post-course therapy. The most severe side effect of Sustanon 250 is the development of testicular atrophy. To eliminate it, limit the course up to two months (or the gonadotropin is administered in parallel) and, of course, antiestrogens are taken.

Sustanon Benefits:

1. Increases muscle mass. A powerful anabolic steroid sustanon is used by many bodybuilders during the recruitment period. This phenomenon is due to the high efficiency of the action of the complex of several testosterone esters.

2. Increase of power indicators. Testosterone affects athletic progress, the degree of recovery and development of parameters characterizing a strong and competitive athlete. Sustanon is used by weightlifters to develop strength.

3. Anticatabolic action. Sustanon is an anabolic steroid, which is able to prevent the destruction of muscle fibers, even during colossal loads and in preparation for competition. The drug is used to increase muscle mass, which excludes a priori catabolism.

4. Increased appetite. The drug accelerates the metabolism and includes anabolic processes, as a result of which appetite increases, more nutritious elements are needed for growth.

5. Stimulation of blood formation. Endurance is increased by stimulating the formation of red blood cells - erythrocytes. As a result, more productive transportation of oxygen is provided.

6. Increased sexual desire - libido.

7. Improve the quality of life. As a result of the increase in the hormonal background, good health, energy, drive, and mood are observed. A person is not only charged for training, but also easily dealt with domestic problems. Certainly testosterone has a positive effect on the perception of the world in the positive direction.

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