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Buy Odin Cabaser 1mg 20tabs (Cabergoline)

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Dosage 1mg/tab
Total amount 20tabs
Component Cabergolin

Get Odin Cabaser 1mg Online 
Cabaser contains an active ingredient, namely, Cabergoline, and has multiple medical purposes. The medication is also popular in the bodybuilding world and is categorized as a dopamine agonist. Cabaser binds to dopamine receptors present in the cells and stimulates them. 
The drug gives extra energy and power and enhances testosterone production. Cabaser builds muscle mass and ensures no additional body fat buildup. 
Side effects of Cabaser include: 
-Abdominal pain 
-Nausea and vomiting 
-Nasal congestion 
-Dry mouth 
-Peripheral edema 

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