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Buy Odin Follistatin344 1mg - 10 vials (100iu Kit)

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Dosage 1mg/vial
Total amount 10 vials (100iu Kit)
Component Follistatin

Odin Follistatin344 1mg - 10 vials (100iu Kit)

Get Follistatin344 Online | Odin Pharma  
Follistatin contains chemical compounds and is used as a fitness supplement. It has a high amount o non-essential amino acid cysteine. Follistatin binds to myostatins in the blood and blocks its activity. Myostatins chiefly inhibit muscle growth. Follow the right dosage of Follistatin to remove the production of myostatin in the body. Follistatin is linked to increased muscle mass. 
Side effects of Follistatin include:  
-Weakening of joints and muscles 
-Muscle soreness 

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