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PharmaMix 1 10amps 450mg/ml

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Dosage 450 mg/ml
Total amount 10amps
Component Testosterone Phenylpropionate 50 mg/ml; Boldenone Undecylenate 200 mg/ml; Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml.


PharmaMix-1 from Pharmacom Labs is a combination of testosterone cypionate, phenylpropionate and boldenone. The drug has a high anabolic and androgenic effect, and also maintains long-term concentration in the body, for which many athletes like him do not tolerate injections.
PharmaMix-1 from Farmakom
Mix 1 is working gradually, firstly, testosterone phenylpropionate followed by cypionate and long-acting boldenone. PharmaMix-1 will help to build up mass very quickly and increase strength. This product is expensive and therefore it can often be forged, so we only have products with verification codes and protective holograms in our store.
Effects of taking PharmaMix-1
It, like all steroids, improves protein synthesis and, therefore, there is a large increase in muscle mass.
There is an increase in strength and endurance.
Since boldenone increases the number of erythrocytes in the body, oxygen saturation increases, which in turn reduces the oxidation of muscles and increases the duration of muscle contraction. Proceeding from these opportunities, athletes like to use it.
Increased libido.
Does not allow to break down a muscular fiber.
How to take pharma mix 1 pharmacom
The duration of pharmaceutics-1 usually takes 6-8 weeks. Since the ether is long, injections are produced once a week. The average dosage varies from 450 to 700 mg per week.
PharmaMix-1 often takes solo, but it is also very well combined with other steroids. For example, stanozolol will give the effect of dryness and stiffness of muscles. If you want to focus on increasing strength, then you can combine with nandrolone decanoate.
Side effects
Side effects occur individually and if it is not correct to take and increase dosages and duration greater than the recommended dosage. As for the effects, usually there is gynecomastia, acne, a significant decrease in its own testosterone. To avoid such effects, you need to take anti-estrogens and blockers of prolactin. With this, our consultant will help you, he is an expert in this field with experience.

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