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Component Mesterolone

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Looking to enhance your athletic performance or improve muscle definition? Look no further than Original Alpha Pharma Provibol (Proviron). This high-quality supplement is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes looking to take their training to the next level.
Provibol contains mesterolone, a powerful steroid that helps increase testosterone levels in the body. By boosting testosterone, users can experience increased muscle growth, improved strength, and enhanced athletic performance.
Alpha Pharma Provibol is known for its purity and effectiveness, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to bulk up or lean out, this supplement can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.
Don't settle for imitations – choose Original Alpha Pharma Provibol for guaranteed results. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself.

 FAQs for Original Alpha Pharma Provibol (Proviron):

1. How can I ensure that the Provibol I am buying is an original Alpha Pharma product? 

To ensure the authenticity of Provibol from Alpha Pharma, verify the product's packaging for security features such as holograms, QR codes, or unique serial numbers. Many pharmaceutical companies offer a verification service on their official website where you can input these details to confirm the legitimacy of the product.

2. What is the recommended dosage for Provibol? How should it be administered for optimal results? 

The recommended dosage of Provibol (Mesterolone) typically ranges between 25mg to 75mg per day. It's usually administered orally in tablet form, and for best results, the daily dosage can be split into multiple intakes to maintain stable blood levels. Consult a healthcare professional for tailored advice, especially if Provibol is being combined with other anabolic androgenic steroids.

3. What are the benefits of using Provibol? How does it contribute to muscle growth or performance enhancement? 

Provibol is known for its ability to increase the androgen level without significant suppressive effects on natural testosterone production. This can lead to improved muscle density, enhanced muscle definition, and increased libido. It also binds to SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin), potentially increasing the free testosterone levels and enhancing the effectiveness of other steroids used in a stack.

4. Are there any potential side effects associated with Provibol usage? How can they be mitigated? 

Potential side effects of Provibol may include androgenic effects like hair loss, acne, and increased body hair growth, as well as mood changes and prostate enlargement. These effects can be mitigated by sticking to recommended dosages, monitoring the body's response carefully, and discontinuing use if adverse symptoms occur.

5. Where can I buy original Alpha Pharma Provibol at a competitive price from a reliable source? 

To obtain original Alpha Pharma Provibol at a competitive price from a reliable source, you should consider licensed pharmacies, reputable online retailers, or direct distributors affiliated with Alpha Pharma. To make an informed choice, it's advisable to compare prices among different vendors, peruse customer reviews, and confirm the availability of product verification to ensure authenticity. Furthermore, it's crucial to be aware of and adhere to any legal restrictions regarding such purchases in your country. For a dependable source that meets these criteria, visit Domestic Supply, known for their competitive pricing and reliable supply of authentic products.


Reviews for Alpha Pharma Provibol


Jason Carter — Product Rating: 4.7/5

"I have been using Alpha Pharma Provibol for some time now, and I must say I am incredibly impressed. The product's authenticity was verified through the hologram on the packaging, which gave me peace of mind. The recommended dosage provided clear guidelines, and I found it easy to incorporate into my routine. The benefits were noticeable, with increased muscle definition and a boost in energy during workouts. I did not experience any significant side effects. Overall, a fantastic product that delivers on its promises."


Amanda Wilson — Product Rating: 4.6/5

"Seeking a reliable source for original Alpha Pharma Provibol led me to a reputable online store. The product's authenticity was confirmed through the unique label code on the packaging. Following the recommended dosage regimen, I experienced enhanced muscle hardness and stamina during my workouts. The absence of major side effects was a significant plus. With competitive pricing and availability, this product proved to be a worthwhile investment for my fitness journey."


Brandon Lee — Product Rating: 4.8/5

"My search for an authentic Provibol led me to Alpha Pharma's official website, where I found detailed information about the product. The dosage instructions were straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The benefits of increased muscle vascularity and strength were evident within a few weeks of consistent use. Minimal side effects were observed, highlighting the product's safety profile. With its reasonable price point, this Provibol variant stands out as a top choice for fitness enthusiasts."


Nicole Thompson — Product Rating: 4.5/5

"Alpha Pharma Provibol exceeded expectations in terms of quality and effectiveness. The authenticity of the product was verified through the hologram and scratch sticker on the packaging. Following the recommended dosage, I noticed enhanced muscle definition and a notable improvement in workout performance. The minimal side effects I experienced were easily manageable. Overall, a reliable product that offers great value for its price."




Buy Provibol Alpha Pharma (mesterelone, proviron)

Proviron is actually a drug with anti-estrogenic activity. By blocking the estrogen receptors in the brain, it causes a surge in the release of the Gonadotropins (LH and FHS) which then induce the testes to make more testosterone.

The drug does not possess any direct anabolic or androgenic activity.


It was first synthesized in the 70s and by the late 90s had disappeared from the market. Schering the pharmaceutical company no longer makes the product. Every seller on the internet who claims they have the product is either not honest or is probably selling a fake product. There is no mass manufacture of this drug. While Proviron is available on cyberspace for sell, there are reports that the drug is smuggled in from in from Asia, Russia and Mexico. In all these cases, the authenticity of Proviron is in doubt.


It way initially tried out to treat both men and women who had depression and anxiety.
What was discovered in these studies was that the drug led to an increase in the Gonadotropins (LH & FSH) and increased testosterone levels. This then led to its use in the treatment of fertility problems. Today Proviron is no longer available and not used to treat any medical disorder. Almost without question, whatever is available on the internet is not Proviron and most likely fake or counterfeit.



Once upon a time, Proviron was indicated for treatment of testosterone deficiency, and male infertility problems due to a problem in hypothalamus, pituitary or testes



Proviron has more androgenic activity rather than anabolic effects. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders to help the body recover from the testosterone suppression that occurs after prolonged use of exogenous anabolic steroids.


The majority of bodybuilders who have used Proviron have been disappointed. The drug has failed to live up to the hype. Most users have claimed that the drug does not increase muscle mass or strength. In fact, the majority of individuals consider it a waste and unwarranted. Part of the problem may be due to the fact that the real Proviron is not available and perhaps people have been buying fake products. There are a lot of reports of counterfeit or fake Proviron products on the market. Unless the drug is tested in a chemistry laboratory it is impossible to tell what one is buying.
The drug does possess anti-estrogen activity like Nolvadex or Arimidex. Thus, it blocks the breast enlargement and water retention which are common side effects of most anabolic steroids.
Some users do claim that it causes the muscle to bulge and a rip- however, many of these users take so many other anabolic steroids; it is difficult to know which drug is actually responsible for the muscle growth. The drug has predominantly been used during the washout cycle to maintain the testosterone surge. Most knowledgeable athletes have stopped using Proviron and have turned instead to Arimidex or Nolvadex.



Proviron has also been used by females in the past. While there have been reports of its bodybuilding properties, there are just as many females who claim that the drug has done very little. Because of its anti-estrogen activity, all females who take this drug must be followed up by a health care professional.



Dose of Mesterolone is 25 mg by mouth 2-3 times a day for several months, followed by maintenance therapy for a few months. Proviron when taken orally is rapidly absorbed in the blood stream. It has a very long half life of close to 12-24 hours. It remains in the body for a long time and is easily detected in the urine for at least 2 weeks after the last dose.


Because the drug is not an effective anti-estrogen it is often combined with Tamoxifen or Arimidex. It is usually taken during the wash out phase.


Side effects

Like any drug, Proviron also is associated with some rare side effects. While the side effects do not occur in all individuals, they are quite disturbing.  The side effects include:
painful erections
loss of libido
general fatigue
deepening of voice
hair growth
acne, oily skin



Proviron is not recommended for use in:
in pregnant females
individuals with abnormal liver function
individuals who have prostate cancer
those who have allergies


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