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Proviron 20 tabs 25 mg/tab

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Description and main effects of Proviron 

Proviron (acting in-in the site of the drug) is a fairly strong hormonal drug, which has a rather high androgenic activity. Also, this tool has an unmatched advantage - it has the ability to significantly strengthen the erectile function in men. This drug is often taken by bodybuilders and other athletes to achieve certain results.

It is a rather weak aromatase inhibitor, that is, it directly interferes with the conversion of steroids into unwanted estrogens in the human body. But there are also isolated cases of undesirable side effects, about the manifestation of which we'll talk just below. But these are often isolated cases that have not been proven by practice.

Proviron is used just before the start of the competition as a way to achieve excellent stiffness and unsurpassed muscle volume.

Use Mesterolon can be in the know with nandrolone, with a low androgenic effect. Also, Proviron is used by athletes with low levels of personal testosterone.

Proviron  during the course

The usual daily dose for men on the course is not more than 50 mg for 24 hours. To divide this dose is possible for two doses (ie, in the morning and in the evening for 25 mg), it is best to take this medication after eating. Higher or incorrect dosages can lead to absolutely undesirable or even inverse to the desired effects. In the event of an unpleasant long-lasting erection, athletes are advised to either slightly lower the recommended dosage, or completely cancel the medication.

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